Along Stayan Trail and Fairy Gates

My boyfriend and I recently went on a mini-hike of Mount Sutro to scope the scene for further adventures, but the relatively brief experience was immense. I could hardly believe I’ve lived for so long (haha) without exploring it, it was so gorgeous.

We entered through an inconspicuous staircase at 17th and Stanyan that could have easily been mistaken for private property. At first it looked like it could’ve just been someone’s nice backyard, but a few meters later it was a full-fledged forest: dense, quiet, wild, and alive. It became so easy to forget we were still in the middle of a big city. This place is just stunning.

And the fog made it just perfect. Because of the geography and size of the trees, it’s supposed to have a bit of fog all year round, which automatically makes it more enjoyable to me.

Mystery berries!

And a cute little bug.

I definitely need to return and explore the rest of it.

  1. webmaster said:

    Beautiful photos and post… do come back.
    The forest is magical, and we’re trying to save it.

    – SaveSutro

  2. Christina said:

    Thank you, it’s a beautiful place, and absolutely worth saving. I hope it’ll continue to thrive.

  3. webmaster said:

    The threat to Sutro Forest is now more imminent – UCSF published the Draft Environmental Impact Report. We have a petition up… it’s at, look for the Green button. We’re trying to spread the word!

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